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Austin Ridge Lookout

Elevation: 4731′


1932: 30′ Pole L-4 was built

1960: 53′ Treated Timber R-6 Flat cab was built

1990s: Tower was put on Emergency staffing and then added to the Rental Program.

Current: Tower was pulled from the rental program and is currently first come, first serve.


We visited Austin Ridge Lookout in July 2023. Its amazing how you cannot see this tower until your practically right on top of it.

Overall the tower is in pretty good condition and as steep as I thought the stairs were they apparently dont scare others – this sure appears to be a local party spot going by the graffiti and overall condition of the tower.

One of the coolest things about this location are the rock carvings in some nearby granite boulders. We’re in the process of researching the names now to see what we can find and will share soon.

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