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Cat House

I've had a love affair with history and exploring new places since childhood - cue the Johnny Quest theme music. I am especially fascinated by mining and logging history of the American West - but more specifically the people that created and shaped that history. Life would be perfect if every second was spent with dirt under my boots (or tires) and a dog at my side.

Sunset Peak Lookout

The bottom floor of the last lookout is still here, repurposed as an electronics site. But the most interesting thing about this location is hidden in the rocks!

Harvey/Mission Lookout

History says this was a camp and patrol point but the ruins left behind tell a different story.

Toboggan Hill Lookout

First located in 1930 and abandoned in 1950 - this tower is long gone but there are lots of ruins and debris to find and explore.

Blacklead Lookout

This lookout is gone but the ruins can still be found in this gorgeous spot!

Scurvy Mountain Lookout

This first come, first serve lookout was built in 1952 and has a great backstory about its name!


Two towers still stand at this staffed lookout in the Nez Perce National Forest.