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Cat House

I've had a love affair with history and exploring new places since childhood - cue the Johnny Quest theme music. I am especially fascinated by mining and logging history of the American West - but more specifically the people that created and shaped that history. Life would be perfect if every second was spent with dirt under my boots (or tires) and a dog at my side.

Bloom Peak Lookout

The lookout tower may be gone but the views here are 110% worth the visit!

Bobtail Peak Lookout

Bobtail Peak Lookout was destroyed in the 1950s and is completely overgrown today.

Interview with Rick Freimuth @ Benchmark Lookout, Colorado

Rick is one of those lucky people that has found that ever-illusive perfect job! He not only likes it – he LOVES it! You can hear it in his voice and the stories he shares about his career as a Fire Lookout. Rick was a self-described outdoor kid interested in white water paddling, which eventually drew him to the University of Idaho, where he began taking Fire...

White Peak Lookout

This tower was destroyed in 1960 but there is quite a bit left at the site to explore.

Linfor Hill Lookout

Linfor Hill Lookout - nothing remains but cement footings and a beautiful view.

Wildhorse Lookout

Built in 1936, abandoned 10 years later in 1946. Today it stands as a safe shelter to hunters, hikers and explorers.