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Milkyway over Little Guard Lookout

About Us

Mix together a love of hiking, a drive to explore, and a passion to learn the stories about places we discover.
Somehow that all adds up to two self-proclaimed Lookout Nerds!

Cat and Billy at Bertha's Hill
(L) - Visting Bertha Hill, the site of the first lookout in the country.
(R) - Visiting an Aeromotor (rare in Idaho) lookout on West Fork.

Cat House

I've had a love affair with history and exploring new places since childhood - cue the Johnny Quest theme music. I am especially fascinated by mining and logging history of the American West - but more specifically the people that created and shaped that history. Life would be perfect if every second was spent with dirt under my boots (or tires) and a dog at my side.

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Billy Cooter

I have been interested in the history of lookouts for quite some time. A few years ago during a photography workshop (incidentally where I met Cat), I visited my first lookout in person. I have been hooked ever since and plan many of my photography trips, hiking, backpacking and camping trips, and weekend drives around finding and experiencing new lookouts.

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