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Grave Point Lookout

Drive-UpOn Emergency Use Status
Elevation: 6630′Nez Perce National Forest


1922: Camp established here

1924: Cupola style log cabin built

1954: 41′ treated timber L-4 built

Current: Tower is on emergency use status

Our Notes

We visited Grave Point in January, a month you would normally expect deep snow and snowmobile only access to the site. Mother Nature was having a moment and gave us warm rain and temps in the mid 40s – which cleared the roads almost entirely to the lookout.

The lookout is in sturdy shape and to our eyes we thought it would make a great addition to the rental program with just a little bit of TLC. This tower is currently on Emergency Use status. This is a great tower to visit with easy drive up access and a truly spectacular western view overlooking the Hells Canyon area.

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