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Scurvy Mountain Lookout

Hike-InEmergency Status * First Come First Serve
Elevation: 6691’ft


1917: Platform tower built

1923: Log cabin added

1935: L-4 Cab built

1952: 2 story concrete L-4 cab built

1978: Tower put on Emergency status

2014: Tower was on the books to possibly be on the rental program but as of 2023 the tower has not been rehabilitated to that status.

Currently on a first come, first serve basis.

A photo from the USFS Nez Perce National Forest Facebook page, from their photo archives. This was the Scurvy Mnt cabin circa 1922.


According to “The Clearwater Story” by Ralph S Space, Scurvy Mountain got its name from the story of 2 fur trappers in 1907, George Gorman and Clayton Shoecraft who were escaping a possible murder conviction in Montana and settled here for the winter. However they had very little fruit or vegetables and eventually, after a long winter, succumbed to scurvy. Their graves can now be seen next to the airstrip at Cayuse creek.


The road up to Scurvy Mountain is a high traffic UTV trail in very good condition. We didnt have the atvs with us so we backpacked in. Thankfully some campers at the trailhead let us know that the tower was already occupied so we didnt hike in all the way the first night (in the dark). Hiked in halfway, camped along the trail and completed the trail in the next morning for a quick visit.

It appears the tower is in great shape with what appeared to be a brand new outhouse. Since the tower was occupied we didnt ask to go inside and just briefly explored the area so as not to bother the family currently occupying it.

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