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Midget Peak Lookout

Elevation: 5765′St Joe National Forest


1929: Cabin on west point and platform tower.

“Material on site for L-4 cabin since 1941, never built”

1942: Abandoned

Our Notes

We were super intrigued by the description that said the building materials for an L-4 were on site but never used, we wanted to see for ourselves. Also noted was that the platform tower was still standing as of 2019.

We hiked in the 2 miles – that turned out to be more like 3.5 miles to the site. It appears that we missed seeing this standing platform tower by only 1 year – when the Stateline Fire in summer/fall 2021 tore through this area. The site is completely burnt.

We were able to find the site and see the ruins of the platform tower as well as lots of rubbish dating back to the 30s/40s.

However we found no hint that there was ever the materials here for an unbuilt L-4. At some point they must have been removed and just never noted in the history books.

The site of the platform tower

Grub plate, coffee pot and tobacco tin

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