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Elevation: 6898ft


1923: A log cupula cabin was built

1951: 35″ TT L-4 was built

1953: This tower accidentally burnt down

1954: a 30′ TT L-4 tower was built.

There is also a patrol point 1 1/2 mi NW atop West Sister mountain

Current: This lookout is staffed every summer


Over the last 3 years we have made attempts to reach Middle Sister lookout – the last 2 times we got skunked. We almost got skunked a third time.

The first attempt we truly just ran out of time – we were exploring other lookout sites in the area and just ran out of time. The 2nd time we got skunked by both fire – one that had several roads closed that would normally lead directly to the lookout, and then by snow that was on the roads in from another direction.

So imagine when we were within a mile of the lookout and had already declared “We are finally gonna make it to Middle Sister” – what the looks on our faces must have been when we got a flat tire.

But Billy is a whiz changing tires and we were back rolling in under 15 mins.

Yeah, we made it to Middle Sister….finally!

The current lookout, Mac, had already closed down for the season a few weeks prior to our visit. We’re going to make a concerted effort to get there when hes around next year!

We watched a storm roll in over Snowpeak Lookout to our south.

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