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Hemlock Butte Lookout

Drive-UpStaffedElevation: 6053 ft


Hemlock Butte Lookout was first built in 1921 with a cupola cabin.

In 1934 a 50′ pole L-4 was built.

In 1954 a 41′ TT Flat cab tower was built.

This tower is currently manned during fire season.

Our Notes

We visited Hemlock Butte in August of 2021 with the express purpose of meeting and talking to lookout Benajmin F. It was our absolute pleasure to meet and speak with him – Benjamin was so obviously passionate about lookouts, fire watch and simple but purposeful lifestyle. We are working to edit his interview now and will be posting here soon and on our youtube channel. To receive an update when the interview is posted please sign up for our email updates.


We had the absolute pleasure of speaking and spending some time with Benjamin, the lookout at Hemlock Butte. His interview will be published soon.

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