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Milkyway over Conrad Peak Lookout

Conrad Peak Lookout

Drive-UpAbandoned Elevation: 6441 ft


Developed in 1924 with a cupola log cabin.

In 1955 the current 50′ tower with L-4 cab was built.

Conrad Lookout is the tallest remaining tower on the St. Joe.

This tower was last manned in 1984, abandoned sometime soon after.

Restoration work is proposed by a partnership between the FFLA Idaho Chapter and the St. Joe. As of the summer of 2020 it didnt appear that any work was in process – could be that projects have been stalled due to Covid and large scale fire seasons that have sent resources to other areas.

The tower is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.

Our Notes

Conrad, as you can see from our photographs, is in disrepair but we dont think its too far gone to save. We’re investigating how we can help be apart of its restoration – as well absolutely fell in love with this tower and want to see it continuing to stand proud!

Conrad Peak 2020

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