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Blacklead Lookout



1929: 25′ Pole Platform tower and a log cabin were built

1932: Another log cabin was built

1934: 40′ Pole L-4 Tower was built

Photo of Blacklead Lookout from the USFS Nez Perce Facebook page. Louis Hartig photograph, USFS Collection

A patrol tree was atop Blacklead Mnt and an L-6 Tower was built 2 miles north near Goat Lake.

Our Notes

This site is also the location of a few backcountry trailheads and so tends to be quite busy.

The site itself is spread over a large area and we were able to find the cement footings as well as lots of other debris dating to the 1930s.

We did not search out the patrol tree or the L-6 – if anyone has current info on either location we would love to hear from you!

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