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Bald Mountain Lookout (Big Baldy)

Drive-UpRental Program
Elevation: 5334′Clearwater National Forest


1913: Cabin

1935: Patrol tower 2mi SSW

1938: 50′ L-4

1960: 41′ TT R-6 Flat

1980s: Emergency status

Current: On the Rental program

Our Notes

We rented Bald Mountain in the summer of 2022. Our overall impression of it is that the exterior is very nice, the catwalk and stairs are in wonderful shape and all the windows work (we cant say this about a few others out there). However the interior is not what we’ve been accustomed to with lookout rentals – there is no center adelaide for the fire finder, the ceiling has been opened up this give a feeling of much more space inside the cab. There is also a pump sink and range top.

After reading the log book we saw that MANY people were upset when people showed up below and occupied the areas around the lookout but we were lucky and noone came up during our stay.

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