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Ulysses Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 7649′Salmon National Forest


1924: Unimproved lookout site

1928: 60′ steel tower installed

1965: Last season, regularly staffed

1968: Abandoned

Our Notes

Ulysses Mountain consisted of log cabin living quarters and a 60-foot Aeromotor steel tower. The most recent pictures I could find before my visit were from 2012, and at that time, the cabin was still there. As I drove up the mountain’s east side, we transitioned from a healthy forest into a burn-scarred hillside, and my heart sank. Sure enough, my visit was too late, and the cabin no longer stands.

What is left is the Aeromotor tower, with broken ladder rungs and missing platforms. I decided not to tempt fate and climb to the top but used the drone to peek inside. You can still see the base for the fire-finder.

The cabin’s foundation still exists, so you can picture where it stood, and there are plenty of burnt remnants, such as the mattress springs seen in the photos.

There is an electronics site at the top, but I am unsure of when that was installed.

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