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Drive-UpEmergency Status
Elevation: 6800ft


1927: an L-3 log cupola cabin was built

1969: Last year manned, placed on Emergency Status

1994/95: Fully restored by the Nez Perce National Forest as a Passport in Time Project using skilled volunteers and Forest Service personnel.


We’ve had Sourdough Lookout very high on our TO VISIT list for awhile and we FINALLY made it.

Sourdough is so unique and picturesque, we started hootin’ and hoolerin’ when the lookout came into view! We hopped out of the car and made a beeline for the cabin and then spent easily an hour just reading all the graffiti carved inside.

The cabin underwent a full restoration in 1994/95 and could use a little more TLC today. There were two broken windows and the entire building was covered with mouse droppings. But overall the cabin and the grounds appear to be in good shape, hopefully to stand for many years to come!

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