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Salmon Mountain Lookout



Salmon Mountain Lookout was first just a tent in 1920.

In 1928 a log cupola lookout was built.

In 1949 a L-4 cab lookout was built.

Salmon Mountain Lookout was unmanned for a number of years through the early 1980s but continues to be staffed today during fire season.

Our Notes:

We visited Salmon Mountain Lookout in the fall of 2020. That fall was socked in quite thick with wildfire smoke but we nailed our visit on the perfect clear day. A volunteer lookout was manning the helm along with her trusty pup. It was talking with her that Billy and I really started to ponder joining the volunteer lookout program!

The hike in to Salmon Mountain was relatively easy and short – plus the views were fantastic, even when you could see that wildfire smoke hovering on the horizon ready to pour in.

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