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Corral Hill Lookout



Corral Hill Lookout was first built in 1929, a 40′ tower and tent cabin

In 1953 the current 41′ TT L-4 tower was built.

The tower was set to emergency status sometime in the 1970s but was once again manned in the 2000s and remains manned during the fire season today.

Our Notes

A friend of ours and ex-next door neighbor, Kevin R, is the current lookout at Corral Hill. Kevin was a wildland fire fighters for many years til the opportunity to jump into lookout service came about. When asked what made Kevin take the lookout job he expressed that the idea of being able to “camp” call summer was an obvious choice. Add to that he could have his kids with him during him time there.

We are currently working on our interview with Kevin and will be posting to our youtube channel soon. We will post a link to the interview as soon as we complete it – sign up on our email mailing list to keep up to date on our latest posts.

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