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Elevation: 6929′


1916: 12×12 frame cab with hip roof built

1926: 14×14 log cabin was built

1931: L-4 cab was built

1953: L-4 cab was moved 100′ down the mountain & a 10′ Treated Timber L-4 tower was built in its place


We visited Tom at Coolwater Lookout on July 23, 2023. Myself, Billy, Mike, Nate and the pups hiked up from the first saddle about 2 miles away due to the poor road conditions. However – after hiking the road we think most high clearance 4wd vehicles could make this section, just be prepared for bumpy.

When we arrived at the lookout Tom came out to greet us with a big smile. We had a great time enjoying his company and the view from this incredible spot! Unfortunately fires in the local area as well as Oregon and Canada made for a murky skyline – and yet the beauty here was hardly diminished.

The L-4 cabin that was moved 100′ down from the peak is in fairly rough shape and could definitely use some TLC. Tom said this used to be his kids playhouse back in the 80s.

Tom was nice enough to answer all of our questions as well as sit down and give us a quick interview. He had some great stories and we SO appreciate all of his time and hospitality!


We loved Coolwater Lookout so much that we know we’ll be back! See ya next time Tom!

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