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Mt Pend Oreille Lookout

Elevation: 6755’ft


1930: L-4 cab was built

1940s: 40′ pole L-4 tower was built

1953: Tower blew down

Our Notes

The hike from Lunch Peak to Mt Pend Oreille is a fantastic one and we highly encourage everyone visiting Lunch Peak to make the short trek over! The views are incredible ,the trail is gorgeous and in great shape!

The ruins from both L-4 towers are still here. You can clearly see where the 1940s tower blew over, so much is left in ruins here on this mountain top. The stairs were particularly interesting to us since we have never found anything like that at a previous lookout site. The view that lookout had sure was incredible! The ruins from the 1930s L-4 is also easy to find just down the ridge although its mostly just wood planks.

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