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Lunch Peak Lookout



Lunch Peak was first built and manned in 1937 when a 45′ Pole L-4 tower was built.

In 1971 a concrete 2 story flat cabin tower was built and staffed.

Summer fire season 2021 the Trestle Creek fire – the tower was wrapped due to overwhelming concern from local citizens. A great local news article about that event: https://bonnercountydailybee.com/news/2021/jul/20/crew-ensures-lunch-peak-lookout-protected-nearby-f/

This Lookout tower is currently on a “first come/first serve” status – however the door is locked and the combination must be retrieved from the forest service prior to your visit.

Lunch Peak Lookout was wrapped for the 2021 Trestle Creek Complex fire. Photo from Inciweb 7/28/2021

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