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Hall Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 5343ft


1927: A cupola cabin was built

1935: 40′ Pole L-4 Tower was built

1956: 35′ Pole Treated Timber Tower was built ; 1 mile SSE of the summit

Unsure the year: 25′ pole platform tower built on the nearby summit

2001: Our friend Gary Webber bought the 35′ Pole TT tower and moved it to XXXXXX

Our Notes

Access to the tower location was a very easy ride – and once at the location we were able to find most of the cement footings from all the different towers.

Along with the cement footings we found the flagpole and a fair amount of debris/trash that we believe was from the correct era.

We also explored the 5618′ summit for the 25′ platform but it was completely gone. We did find the #9 wire and were able to follow its path between the two locations for a long stretch.

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