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Gisborne Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 5595′Kanisku National Forest


  • The original summit name was Looking Glass Mountain
  • 1932 – 40′ Pole tower with L-4 cab constructed
  • 1949 – Summit renamed to Gisborne Moutain of Harry T. Gisborne
  • 1958 – Current 41′ R-6 Cab constructed
  • On National Historic Lookout Register

Our Notes

Gisborne Mnt is staffed in summer so we made a trip out hoping to meet the lookout. Unfortunately we timed it poorly – with the fires in the PNW the smoke made visibility horrible and the lookout took the opportunity for some time off. We left a note at the base of the stairs and hope to hear from him or her soon!

Gisborne Mnt Patrol Point

We walked out to the site of the Patrol Point on Gisborne Mnt as well and found the remains of what was once a 30′ pole platform tower.

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