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Deer Ridge Lookout

Drive-UpRental Program
Elevation: 4755′Kanisku National Forest


The first lookout at Deer Ridge was in the 1920s when a Cupola cabin was built.

1935 a pole L-4 tower was built.

1949 a 40′ pole L-4 was built.

1965 the current 41′ TT Flat was built.

This lookout is currently on the rental program.

Our Notes

If you’re planning to book this lookout, we highly recommend you bring LOTS of containers for huckleberries – you could easily spend hours sitting in the bushes gathering berries for your pancakes!

Several hiking trails can be enjoyed from the lookout along Ruby ridge. Be bear aware this is grizzly country.

On our last visit to Deer Ridge, the mice or rats had gotten very bold and will eat anything/everything you might leave on the catwalk overnight. We found out this the hard way when the little bastards ate through one of our soft-sided coolers.

This lookout is not recommended for small children, and when last checked, dogs were not allowed inside the lookout.

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