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Cutoff Peak Lookout

Elevation: 6844′Kanisku National Forest


Cutoff Peak Lookout consisted of a log ground cabin and an L-4 cabin tower.

The lookout was abandoned in the 1960s. The tower was removed and/or destroyed but the log ground cabin remains. Footings and debris from the tower still remain at the site.

Our Notes

We knew that only the log ground cabin remained when we made our visit to Cutoff Peak but we didn’t realize how much was left in the way of debris from the tower that was removed. The footings as well as the wooden legs of the tower (burnt) remain scattered about the site.

The ground cabin has seen MUCH better days (haven’t we all?) and one side is in such disrepair that we don’t think the cabin has too many more winters left. The interior of the cabin still held a desk (drawers full of mason jar lids), two metal cot frames and several chairs made from old supply boxes.

The supply boxes could still be read on the sides, stamped with “SCHULTZ BONNERS FERRY” and “FROM FOREST SERVICE SPOKANE WASH”

Could Schultz have been the lookout’s name? We are busy searching the archives for that answer!

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