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Elevation: 5993ft


1930: A log cabin is built

1936: A pole tower is built

1958: Abandoned


The hike up to Cooks Peak is a really beautiful and easy hike thru some truly gorgeous forest high in the Selkirk Mountains. We were lucky enough to be here to see the fall colors at their peak AND the clouds parted for a minute or two to allow us to view the solar eclipse.

The log cabin is still standing but no longer has a roof. It seems otherwise fairly sturdy, guessing it was used for years as a hunting shelter. Lots of carvings inside although I couldnt quite decipher them due to the condition of the weathered wood.

At the summit you can find all 4 cement footings as well as the wooden pole towers that appear to be rotting where they fell over.

The remains of a bedframe and stove were amongst the ruins scattered around the site.

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