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Spyglass Ground House

Drive-UpRental Program
Elevation: 5318′Coeur d’Alene National Forest


The Spyglass Lookout site is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. It was first used as a patrol point in 1911.

In 1922 a 20′ platform tower, log cabin, and barn were erected.

In 1930 a 50′ pole tower with a 7×7 cabin was built.

In 1943 an L-4 cabin was added for quarters.

In 1950 a 41′ TT L-4 tower was built.

In 1978 the Lookout was put on Emergency Staffed status.

The L-4 cabin was removed in 2014, but the support structure remains. Spyglass Ground house was renovated in 2019 and is currently on the Rental Program.

We would like to extend an extra caution to all those renters and amateur drone enthusiasts – watch out for the cables on the tower – they have been known to viciously attack and eat drones.

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