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Downey Peak Crows Nest



1929: This crows nest was established in conjunction with Little Guard Lookout tower. More information can be found on that page of our website.



We knew there was once a crows nest somewhere on this peak but the chances of it still being there were almost zero. But hey, we’ve found a few in the past so why not go and take a look.

After about an hour of hiking up and exploring the peak/ridge we had given up, decided that it the tree surely was no longer standing so we were headed back the way we came. We stopped for a second to study some of the larger trees on the ridge when I (Cat) spotted a spike sticking out from a tree trunk.


LOL! I scared the crap out of him when I screamed. Still laughing about that……

The spikes are all still in the tree trunk leading up to what was we assume was where the lookout was able to stand and gaze around him at the forest below.

We also accidentally found a geocache thats hidden very close to this tree, bonus.

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