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Scurvy Mountain!

Scurvy Mountain!

ARRGGGHHHH MATEY Okay, I know this website and lookouts in general have nothing at all to do with pirates, BUT I am going to talk about Scurvy Mountain. And in my brain, the second I hear the word “scurvy,” I think of pirates and great wooden sailing ships crossing the oceans in search of riches and spices. So before I tell you about our Scurvy Mountain trip...

Toboggan Hill Lookout

First located in 1930 and abandoned in 1950 - this tower is long gone but there are lots of ruins and debris to find and explore.

Blacklead Lookout

This lookout is gone but the ruins can still be found in this gorgeous spot!

Scurvy Mountain Lookout

This first come, first serve lookout was built in 1952 and has a great backstory about its name!


Two towers still stand at this staffed lookout in the Nez Perce National Forest.

Spion Kop Lookout

Not much left of this tower but the location is still gorgeous and worth a visit!