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Graham Mountain Lookout

Graham Mountain is still covered with the debris from 30+ years as a lookout tower location.

Ulysses Mountain Lookout

Drive-UpAbandonedElevation: 7649′Salmon National Forest History 1924: Unimproved lookout site 1928: 60′ steel tower installed 1965: Last season, regularly staffed 1968: Abandoned Our Notes Ulysses Mountain consisted of log cabin living quarters and a 60-foot Aeromotor steel tower. The most recent pictures I could find before my visit were from 2012, and...

Grave Point Lookout

Grave Point Lookout is an easily accessible drive up tower with an incredible view.

Nate Raff Full Interview

In the fall of 2021, the Idaho Fire Lookouts team hiked to Diablo Mountain to meet and interview lookout Nate Raff. Nate has been kind enough to share a ton of information and knowledge about lookouts, stories about his time on a Helitac crew, and as a volunteer manning and rebuilding lookouts.

Scofield Lookout

Only cement foundations remain at the site of this lookout - where 2 separate 100+ foot towers once stood.